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What does a “live” on-site service entail?

Atlantic Calligraphy will come on-site to your location and provide engraving or painted calligraphy services to your customers/attendees right before their eyes. We will provide the service either after the customer purchases the product, or you give it to them (all depending on the type of event).

Depending on your product, we will make our recommendation on engraving vs. painting.

Will the sound of engraving disturb my customers/attendees?

No. We invested in an engraving tool that is ultra-quiet and used by many in the industry. For more information about the tool we use, check out the description here .

What is the different between engraving and painting?

Engraving is a permanent way to personalize an item. Atlantic Calligraphy uses a hand held tool to engrave custom hand lettering and it has the option of being color filled with gold or silver ink.

The painting technique is hand lettering with an acrylic paint pen. This type of personalization is long-lasting, but will fade over time. Usually, we prefer engraving for custom personalization, but for some products the painting method makes more sense.

What would my organization need to provide?

Atlantic Calligraphy does not require much. We ask for a small area with a table and chair in a spot where customers can find us, along with a couple of sample products we can make examples of for customers to see. We will provide all other materials for a successful event.

Why would this benefit my organization?

Having something personalized by hand, whether it’s a gift for yourself or someone else, is very special and meaningful; especially on products that someone can keep for their lifetime on display. It’s all about the customer experience and leaving them with a lasting impression of you business or event!

How much will it cost my organization?

Events run from $150-$200/hour depending on the product we are customizing, type of service and location. Engraving runs at the higher end because it is more time intensive. For your customers, the service is free!

For each event, there is a 4 hour minimum.

Please message us for costs not related to live event services.

Why Atlantic Calligraphy?

Atlantic Calligraphy is a small, woman-owned business operated by Jacqueline Straz. Jacqueline’s been practicing calligraphy since 2016 and has on-site event experience. She comes from a design background with 8 years as a project manager who worked in the corporate event industry. We take pride in our appearance and quality of our work. We strive to give your customers an incredible experience that brings them back to you again and again.

Everything we produce is handwritten right at the event. The customer can take their product home with them that day. It’s a special, one-of-a-kind luxury that they will appreciate for years to come.

Do you do non-event jobs?

Absolutely! I love doing work in my studio. Just send me a message on what you’re looking for and we can work together to make it happen! Some examples may be corporate gifting for employees/clients and weddings.